Dear Colleagues, Clients and Affiliates,

The Corona Virus Pandemic (COVID-19) has markedly impinge on nations and families across the world. We at Manifield Solicitors extend our love and support to all who are affected by the pandemic.

In activating our civic obligations as a responsible establishment, Manifield Solicitors is closely following the guidelines by the international and national health regulatory authorities a COVID-19 Management Protocol has been deployed firm-wide to ensure the health and safety of our employees, clients, affiliates, our lies and the community at large.

We have in place, safety measures such as temperature checks, sanitizing points, periodic cleaning of visitor’s areas, work surfaces and door handles. We implore all visitors to kindly comply with safety directives as they are being enforced for the benefit of all.

Also, we have made some adjustments where restrictions on certain activities which includes but not limited to site inspections, out of jurisdiction trips and dense gathering, imposed on all our employees. Instructions requiring trips or visits to high risk areas will be deescalated. We shall adopt other means to ensure continued progress on transactions to such an extent as is feasible in the circumstance. The Firm and assigned team of counsels will be in contact on all instructions affected by these restrictions.

With reference to meetings, we have adopt the digital means wherein meetings are conducted primarily via video and audio (zoom, skype, google hangouts etc) conferencing. Due to the sensitivity and risks of contracting the virus, informal or spontaneous visits and meetings will not be permitted.

While the office remains open, access to the building will be severely restricted and the Firm will proceed to full remote operation in line with its COVID-19 Management Protocol as the situation evolves.

We are committed to ensuring that all efforts are being deployed minimize disruption of our client’s instructions and transactions as is feasible in the circumstances. Our channel are open and we will continue to update our clients on progress report during and after this period.

The resolutions set out above are designed to encourage social distancing and minimize the avenues for transmission of the virus.

We appreciate our clients, colleagues and affiliates for their kind cooperation and ask that we all play our part in taking steps to ensure the safety of all.

Stay healthy and safe.

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